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Address Stamps

Eliminate the hand cramp! Address stamps are a cost-effective and convenient way to add your information to outgoing mail in an instant, and do it with a creative flair. Discount Rubber Stamps offers a variety of address stamp templates so that you’re sure to find one that best suits you and your needs – sophisticated, sporty, holiday, business-orientated, floral, classic, quirky and more. Our address stamps feature a self-inking mount for rapid, repetitive stamping. Each stamp is outfitted with its own self-contained ink pad, which re-inks the die plate before each impression. When the ink pad starts to dry out, simply push it out and re-ink it or replace it with a new ink pad. With an address stamp that reflects your personality, you’ll be able to add a customized touch to invitations, letters, packages, and more. Use our refinement system to quickly and conveniently find the stamp that best fits your needs; sort by impression shape and price.