Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

Our normal office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST. Connect with us by visiting our help center

When Will I Receive My Order?

The estimated delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose. Most orders ship in 2 business days (Monday — Friday) excluding holidays. Due to seasonal volume, orders in December and January may take additional time to process.  Embossers and large orders may take an extra business day. CA & OR Notary Stamp orders ship after we receive your original "Certificate of Authorization to Obtain or Manufacture a Seal". Please allow an additional 2-5 business days for delivery. If you need your order faster, choose UPS Next Day or UPS 2nd Day.


How will I know if you received my order?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after your order is placed.

How will I know when my order ships?

You will receive an e-mail shipment confirmation the day your order ships.

What's your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We are proud to warrant our products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. In addition, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Pre-Inked and Xstamper products. If for any reason we make an error on you order or the product does not function according to it’s specifications, we will replace it free of charge.

We cannot honor warranty claims for any defects or damage caused by re-inking our stamps with the incorrect ink or with ink purchased from another company or if using our stamps on chemically treated paper.

Also, we cannot be held responsible for any mistake a customer makes when entering an order and we will not replace these orders at no charge.

In addition, we manufacture a custom product which cannot be returned or exchanged if the customer simply doesn’t like the product. Stock items will be accepted for a return only with prior authorization from A 25% restocking fee may apply.


How do I reverse the ink pad on ExcelMark Self Inking Stamps?

Follow these steps to reverse your ExcelMark two-sided ink pad:

  1. Push stamp down and press the red buttons to lock the stamp in place.

  2. With the back of the stamp facing you, push the ink pad out.

  3. Grasp the pad by the edges, turn it over and re-insert.



Is the rubber stamp I will be receiving re-inkable?

The rubber stamps sold on this website are fully re-inkable, and good for up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking is neccessary.

Is it possible to change the ink color of my rubber stamps?

Changing the ink color of your rubber stamp is not recommended as ink formulas for each color are different and do not mix well. Mixing colors results in blurry impressions as the ink holding pores of rubber ink stamps can get blocked when a different ink formula is used. True colors cannot be obtained by mixing different formulas e.g. a black ink formula mixed with red will not render a true red.

What is the best way to clean my rubber stamp?

Occasionally, lint and paper dust may adhere to the surface of your stamp. To clean, simply, take a piece of cellophane tape and press it across the rubber stamp with your finger. When you remove the tape, you will remove the residue as well. As you stamp, you will find the clarity of the impressions made by your rubber stamp as clear as the day it was bought.