Custom Self-Inking Stamps

Discount Rubber Stamps offers a variety of custom self inking stamps that can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Our ExcelMark brand of self inking stamps include a double-sided ink pad*, basically giving you two pads for the price of one and feature a clear base to easily align your impressions. Discount Rubber Stamps is the best overall value for all of your custom self inking stamp needs. 

* ExcelMark 9011 does not include a two-sided ink pad 

Shiny EcoLine self inking stamps are made from recycled water bottles (PET Plastic) making this the self inking stamp of choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Shiny Antibac self inking stamps are treated with an agent that protects the stamp from fungal growth making this an ideal choice for medical offices.

Shiny Heavy Duty self inking stamps include a metal and plastic frame and are designed for durability and high volume use